A Big Day for Small Businesses Thanks to NetSuite

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NetSuite Inc., a leader in e-commerce solutions for small and mid-sized businesses, made three announcements on Thursday that will help online retailers make the most of the upcoming holiday season. The announcements included integrating PayPal, adding new UPS shipping capabilities and solving e-commerce mysteries for small and mid-sized businesses.

PayPal Integration

The NetSuite Paypal integration provides seamless end-to-end online transactions with real-time visibility and no monthly fees. NetSuite merchants can begin accepting online payments immediately from all major payment types including MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, debit cards, bank transfers and the stored balances of PayPal users with just a few minutes in set up. NetSuite users can also accept payment in six currencies; U.S. dollars, Canadian dollars, Australian dollars, British Pound Sterling, Euros and Japanse Yen.

“We've gone through the pain of using other systems, and now we use PayPal and NetWuite. Both are critical to our business,” Troy Lawson, COO of BestKiteboarding.com, a provider for the kiteboarding watersport based in Delray Beach, Florida, said in a statement from NetSuite. “PayPal is such a big name that it helps some customers feel more secure during check-out. When the issue is whether or not a customer is willing to enter their credit card number online, PayPal often prevents us from losing those sales.”

The NetSuite PayPal integration provides extensive fraud protection to protect merchants. NetSuite merchants can safely accept online payments knowing that PayPal fight charge backs on a merchant's behalf and offer seller protection policies that help protect businesses from fraudulent transactions. PayPal leads the industry with a 0.24 percent loss rate.

The NetSuite PayPal online payment option is available immediately and carries no setup or monthly fees. The per-transaction fee varies between 1.9 and 2.9 percent plus 30 cents depending on monthly transaction volume. More information is available from NetSuite.

New UPS Shipping Capabilities

NetSuite is one of the first on-demand applications to directly embed UPS shipping tools, providing small and large shippers with streamlined shipping management and simplified order tracking. NetSuite is also one of the first to make the UPS integration available for web-generated transactions. The direct integration with UPS Worldship provides large volume shippers with automatic generation of international shipping documents. A rate multiplier feature has also been added allowing user to customize the UPS shipping rate by any percentage they choose.

“Unlike surface product integrations touted by some vendors, thousands of customers worldwide have demonstrated the power of the deep integration of UPS and NetSuite offerings. With these new additions, we simultaneously added features to help the largest shippers and the smallest start-ups,” Zach Nelson, CEO of Netsuite said in a prepared statement.

UPS Online Tools and UPS Worldship are components of NetSuite at no extra charge. There is a modest monthly fee to NetSuite Small Business users. More information is available from http://www.netsuite.com/portal/campaign/ups/ups_landing.shtml?partner=29368 NetSuite.

Multi-Channel Selling and Google Made Easy

NetSuite is the only e-commerce system built to manage multi-channel commerce, while tightly integrating the accounting, warehouse, marketing and support departments within a single system. The newly added functionality includes:

  • Google Keyword-to-Purchase Tracking and optimization tools providing “closed loop” analysis of leads generated directly or indirectly by the Google search engine.
  • Multi-Channel Selling capabilities allowing merchants to tap into any online channel and maximize their web exposure with an easy export of their products into comparison shopping engines including Froogle, eBay's Shopping.com, Shopzilla (BizReate) and NextTag.
  • Close Abandoned Shopping Carts with advanced search capabilities and e-mail marketing tools allows merchants to see exactly which shoppers abandoned their carts, what items were in the cart and when the items were added.

“The Internet was supposed to make the size and location of a company irrelevant when it came to selling on the Web, but this promise was not realized because of weak, first generation technology,” Nelson said in a prepared statement. “NetSuite's new features bring SMBs to the ecommerce promised land, where the quality of the buying and service experience – not the size of the merchant – defines winners and losers.”

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