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Wolters Kluwer Introduces CCH Axcess Marketplace


To accelerate third-party technology integrations with its cloud-based solution, Wolters Kluwer has released a new API Marketplace to provide technology integrators with access to APIs and tax and accounting firms to advanced integrations so they can accelerate innovation, improve efficiency, and enhance client service.

Oct 29th 2021
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Wolters Kluwer Tax & Accounting has launched CCH Axcess™ Marketplace to help firms find solutions that integrate with their CCH Axcess™ data.

A new developer portal is also available for application developers and technology integrators so they can accelerate their use of the CCH Axcess™ open APIs already available to them through an open integration platform.

Firms already using CCH Axcess™ solutions gain access to a dedicated website where they can find third-party integrations that leverage the data and services in their own client databases and CCH Axcess™ solutions so they can expand the value of their technology investment. By leveraging this Marketplace they will benefit from advanced integrations, whether they are developing these integrations themselves or implementing a third-party solution from a Wolters Kluwer technology partner.

The new developer portal is designed to make it easier for developers and integrators to find, acquire, and leverage CCH Axcess™ APIs to create automations and technology integrations to help tax and accounting firms provide higher levels of service for their clients.

Because client data is stored in the CCH Axcess™ common client database, APIs can populate and leverage the data to automate workflows. The portal was developed to be easy to navigate with API code ready to use and constantly maintained, offering third-party developers different pricing options and APIs that scale to the needs of even the largest firms.​

The partner program offers third-party developers and technology integrators three levels of access to CCH Axcess™ APIs with levels of service and support matching their specific needs. The entry-level Licensed Consultant tier is targeted at those integrators that want to try the API data for testing purposes or consultants who need access to CCH Axcess™ to build custom integrations.

The Licensed Integrator Partner tier provides technology integrators with the right to license and resell products based on API data along with marketing and training support from Wolters Kluwer. The Software Partner tier offers integrators an even higher level of API and technology support.

Software developers and technology integrators wanting to learn more about participating in the CCH Axcess™ Marketplace can find additional information about the program and how to join here.