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OnPay Releases New Payroll Report Designer


Payroll and HR services provider OnPay has launched Report Designer, designed to offer another way for accountants (or their clients) to analyze employment expenses.

Sep 17th 2020
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The new Report Designer offers the ability to add up to 50 data points to key reports, quickly reorder columns to show important data first and save multiple views for different stakeholders. OnPay already gave clients the ability to view payroll reports in real time and apply filters to view expenses by department, location, or employee type. This new reporting tool now puts enterprise-level data in the hands of accountants and small business owners.

In addition to offering the adaptable Report Designer, OnPay’s in-depth reporting also includes payroll cost reports that make it simple for small business owners to participate in COVID-19 relief programs.

Report Designer allows users to:

  • See the most important information first (and remove unwanted data points)
  • Save multiple views for different stakeholders: For example, you could create one report for company CFOs that's focused on total employment expense, department by department and another view for HR that breaks out different deduction types to see which benefits programs are most effective
  • Add employee information to reports like zip code, title, or hours worked, for more detailed analysis
  • Export custom reports in a number of formats for deeper analysis or presentation to clients

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