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Neat Company Unveils NeatBooks for Bookkeepers


NeatBooks reimagines how small business bookkeeping is done and enables business owners—with either years doing their books or with no accounting expertise at all—to quickly and confidently manage their books and keep business finances in order.

Sep 1st 2021
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The Neat Company, which has focused on financial data management for small businesses, expanded its offerings with the introduction of NeatBooks, a bookkeeping solution designed to eliminate traditional bookkeeping processes that are unnecessary in the age of digital banking and intelligent data management.

Among other innovations, NeatBooks enables “statementless bank reconciliation,” securely syncing transaction data from users’ bank accounts and automatically categorizes transactions based on vendor mapping.

Small business owners or managers can quickly check to see that the vendor, date, amount, and categorization of a transaction are correct while simultaneously reconciling the transaction on their mobile devices. More complex transactions may await review in the NeatBooks web app.

Additionally, NeatBooks offers in-app guidance, and expert phone, email, and chat support when something gets out of rhythm, small business owners can confidently manage their books and seamlessly hand off data to their accountants for tax prep or other support.

With NeatBooks, users can:

  • Access on-the-go bookkeeping with the Neat mobile app to access reports, documents, and more on a tablet or mobile device (iOS and Android)
  • Securely sync bank accounts to view an organized view of transactions
  • View a month-by-month breakdown of which expenses are matched to a receipt or other source document while guided workflows match expenses and receipts to see which remain unmatched
  • Analyze trends and business insights with a view of data detailing cash balance, top expense categories, and total sales
  • Automate accounting with customized reports including profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheets, expenses, spending summaries, sales tax,  and tax category

A NeatBooks subscription also includes all of features and benefits of NeatFiles and the newly introduced NeatInvoices.

NeatFiles is a cloud storage designed for financial documents so small business owners can declutter, increase efficiency, and gain peace of mind. NeatFiles allows users to scan files, capture images via mobile devices, and upload files so that financial documents can be accessed anytime and anywhere.

NeatInvoices facilitates invoicing and accounts receivable processes so that money is moved into their businesses faster than traditional mail/email, and paper-based approaches.

NeatBooks was developed for solopreneurs and small businesses that are generally in the range of one to 10 employees. Available now, NeatBooks is priced at $40 per month or discounted for a one-time annual payment of $432 ($36/month) with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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