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Liscio and Karbon Form Integration Partnership


The union creates a single, shared database for clients and their companies (in Liscio these are called Contacts and Accounts while in Karbon they are called People and Organizations). The database sync works both ways - if a new client contact or account is created in Liscio, it is automatically created in Karbon, and vice versa. 

May 26th 2021
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Accountant-focused file-sharing and mobile client app maker Liscio is now integrated with practice management tools maker Karbon.

With Liscio and Karbon working together, staff will no longer have to chase clients for documents or search across multiple platforms for documents that clients have sent to you. Additionally, since all client communications, e-signatures and document exchanges are securely conducted within the Liscio app, there are no data silos and no worries if a staff member is out of the office. 

Anyone can pick up where they left off and help the client when they need it. Once documents are in house, staff can use Karbon to follow clearly-laid-out workflow steps and seamlessly collaborate across projects.

Also, if a Contact or Account is updated in Liscio, the matching Person or Organization in Karbon is also updated. A matching engine ensures that the first integration between the two software packages goes well - and is particularly useful if different naming conventions have been used in Liscio and in Karbon. Liscio's platform puts all of the tools that clients need to respond quickly, including an all-in-one mobile app, automatic reminders, and a mobile document scanner. 

For more about the integration contact [email protected].