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Intuit Professional Tax Software Receives Updates


New enhancements to Intuit ProConnect, ProSeries and Lacerte Tax were designed to help clients focus on the future.

Nov 12th 2020
Editorial Manager/US Team Lead
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Featured product line improvements for tax year 2020 include:

1. Updates to ProConnect

  • Enhanced imports. Extended import functionality includes depreciation and pass-through entity members, and Schedule D dispositions.
  • More e-file permissions. Select from three levels of user permissions: primary, full-access, and basic.
  • Masking and watermarking. ProConnect can mask Social Security numbers in printed forms or PDFs. Plus, prevent confusion by adding a watermark that reads “Do not file.”
  • E-file amended returns. Save time transferring data to amended returns with 1040X e-file.
  • Efficient data entry. Save time entering data by making simple input field calculations. Intuit is updating standardized formats of dates for consistency.
  • Load returns faster. This upgrade shows speed improvements for clients with databases of up to 10,000 returns.
  • Data automation. Send batch request templates all at once vs. one by one. And it is now easier for clients to upload and import documents all at once. Coming soon: The ability to flag missing data to help create a faster review time.

2. Updates to ProSeries

  • Database replacement. Database enhancements help deliver higher quality and reliability in ProSeries.
  • Better filtering options for heightened efficiency. Locate returns faster with column filters and search functionality.
  • Print Review in Pro Series Basic. Preview a return and select only the pages to print.
  • ProSeries Tax Idea Exchange. Share ideas and get updates on the status – under review, accepted, or implemented.
  • Coming soon, a smarter forms bar. Filter from the forms bar — for example, looking at certain sections within the form.

3. Updates to Lacerte

  • Automatic time tracking by return for all tax types. Make better decisions calculating billing, return on investment, and time allocation. Streamline document collection and collaboration.
  • Performance upgrades. Platform enhancements and database upgrades help to ensure higher quality and reliability. Alerts help preparers stay on track.
  • Optional workflow tools: These include hosting, e-signature, pay by refund, firm-level audit assistance and Intuit Practice Management.

For more information on ProConnect Tax Online visit proconnect.intuit.com/tax-online, for ProSeries visit proconnect.intuit.com/proseries/ and for more information on Lacerte visit proconnect.intuit.com/lacerte/.

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