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Intuit Issues Phishing Warnings to QuickBooks Users


The recent scam appears to cut across Intuit's cloud and desktop products. In a worrying development pointing to the increasing sophistication of such scams, Intuit also stated that hackers appear to now be able to link emails to existing email chains, boosting the perceived authenticity of such communications.

Aug 2nd 2022
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QuickBooks owner Intuit recently warned users that they risk being targeted by an ongoing series of fake emails designed to trick customers into thinking their account has been suspended and allow cybercriminals to steal critical financial information.

Typically, QuickBooks customers will receive an email purporting to be from the vendor’s support team but actually from cybercriminals, notifying them that their accounts have been suspended following a failed business information review.

One example shared by parent company Intuit states: "We're writing to let you know that after conducting a review of your business, we have been unable to verify some information on your account. For that reason, we have put a temporary hold on your account."

quickbooks scam example email

While the screenshot of another scam email displayed above is relatively convincing in terms of its branding and avoids many of the spelling and grammatical errors that marked out such attacks in the past, warning lights should flash due to the fact that the correspondence comes from an email address rather than a legitimate QuickBooks address.

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