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Gusto Creates a Redesigned Accountant Dashboard to Serve Payroll Clients

May 5th 2020
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Small business payroll company Gusto has released Gusto Pro, a redesigned partner dashboard built to help accountants work faster and more accurately, while better serving clients, particularly now.

A new Action Items section will feature a timely list of to-dos that suggest ways accountants can give critical advice at the right time. The action items include:

  • Layoff alert. If a client lays off 20 percent or more of their employees in 7 days, the partner gets an alert.
  • Tips for Food & Bev Business impacted by COVID-19. Partners get an alert about food and beverage clients in their book of business, suggesting ways to manage cash flow, generate new revenue streams, and make a plan for employees in a difficult time.
  • Payroll blocked. Partners get an alert if a client’s payroll is blocked – for example, if there are insufficient funds.
  • Incomplete onboarding. Partners get an alert about clients with incomplete onboarding, so they can ensure the first payday happens on time.  
  • Autopilot was disabled. Partners get an alert if autopilot payroll is disabled for any reason, so they can turn it back on.

There is also a new scheduled payrolls feature, which gives partners a quick summary of upcoming payrolls at a glance, so they can plan ahead and manage their time. A secondary tab shows a list of payrolls that were missed, allowing accountants to follow up with clients and prevent time-consuming compliance issues.

Gusto also added a clients page, which shows the partner’s client list (segmented by active, suspended, or referral status), now with key information immediately viewable, like employee count, filing state, entity type, and required actions.

For more information, visit the Gusto blog.

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