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Closing and Pricing Tool Bookgel Now in Beta

Mar 17th 2021
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Bookgel, a new cloud-based, closing and pricing tool with features for accountants is now available in beta. The application, which is currently only web browser-based, works in real-time and designed to guide accountants and CPAs through a structured process to secure new business and re-price existing clients.

With Bookgel, accountants can demonstrate to their prospect or existing client their services while prompting the right questions to ask. Over screen share, the client can see how much they are able to save by working with the accountant before seeing the engagement price. The accountant can then show the client their personalized subscription plan - including projected savings - and send a proposal that, once signed, prompts payment straight to their own bank account.  

The proprietary algorithm uses AI-based pricing and draws from 50 different factors automatically checking more than 100 data points such as niche, entity type, location, condition of books, complexity of work, revenue and upsell opportunities.

Bookgel was developed by CPA Allan Ratafia and Marc Howard, who brought the accounting profession BizPayO, a 3-in-1 web platform for online payments, proposals and automated reviews. From the BizPayO platform, Ratafia and Howard were able to gather enough pricing data whereby they observed accountants weren’t closing as frequently and quickly as they could be.

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By Storry Bookkeeping LLC
Mar 26th 2021 13:19 EDT

Has this new pricing tool been tested with, or is it believed to be useful by, a small bookkeeping practice that does not offer tax services? Or is it best suited to a larger firm that offers a full suite of accounting services?

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