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Botkeeper Upgrades Bookkeeping Task Platform


As an upgrade to its current iteration, the Botkeeper Operating System was designed to automate tasks, resulting in time savings to open up a firm’s capacity- but with a better, faster, and more powerful user experience all around.

Mar 17th 2022
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Botkeeper has releaesd the Botkeeper Operating System (BOS), the latest iteration of its automated bookkeeping platform.

BOS will roll out through 2022, leasing with what they propose to be a cleaner, simpler user experience. With it, accounting firms can:

Experience more visibility into a centralized and consistent source of truth on transaction categorizations. With out-of-the-box powerful machine learning, firms can now expect more visibility and interactivity with Botkeeper’s technology as it uses historical client details in combination with algorithms trained on millions of data points to intuitively auto-categorize clients’ transactions and directly sync them back to the general ledger system. 

Gain deeper visibility into firm-wide operations on client work. Firms will be able to adopt a sophisticated approach to project management across their clients, keeping their bookkeeping processes working in harmony without the need for multiple third-party integration tools. Workflow improvements and upgraded file structures will ensure that customer data is always consistent and up to date, even as the firm adds more clients, which means you can scale with confidence.

Have more control over user access and permissions. This change gives firms a higher level of assuredness that their clients’ information is only visible to the staff team members who should be seeing it. 

Use features purpose built for accounting firms. Accountants can bring multiple widgets and reports into a single picture to help teams focus on the metrics that matter most. They can also see business insights within the user-friendly user experience, and schedule reports to be delivered via email on a recurring basis.

As for the experience, Botkeeper reports that the initial user feedback has been well recieved. Firms interested in getting access to the upgraded Botkeeper Operating System can sign up for updates and early access here!

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