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Bluevine Unveils Banking Solution for Accountants


Starting today, Bluevine Business Checking account holders can grant accountants access to their Bluevine account information by adding their accountants as an accountant user to their Bluevine account.

Jul 13th 2022
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Bluevine, a provider of banking solutions designed for small businesses, has launched Accountant Role and Accountant Dashboard: its first set of business banking features designed specifically to help accounting professionals more easily serve their small business customers.

With the Accountant Role, small business owners using a Bluevine Business Checking account can easily and securely grant their accountants access to selected account information through a dedicated login. Through the Accountant Dashboard, accountants can:

  • Access all of their clients’ transactions from one place
  • Download bank statements
  • Reconcile transactions and bills
  • View all relevant contextual information

Bluevine sees accountants as trusted partners for small business owners with a critical role in ensuring the financial health and growth of small businesses. Yet, many spend significant time and effort tracking down the financial information they need to help their clients, often relying on each client’s online banking account information to access data. This creates an experience rife with friction and security concerns.

Designed to improve efficiency and client services for accountants and bookkeepers, a secure login to the Accountant Dashboard generates single-pane view access to all client dashboards and offers toggling between clients for all relevant banking information and bulk statement downloads.

Earlier this year, the company unveiled new account features, including Account Access, Bills Management, and QuickBooks integration. Plus, Bluevine Business Checking lets customers earn 1.5 percent interest if they meet a monthly goal, offering rewards that reflect how small businesses use banking solutions and maximize the impact Bluevine has on business growth.

To learn more about Bluevine’s services for small businesses and their partners, please visit