Thursday, July 21, 2022 - 13:00 EDT - 14:00 EDT

A Framework to Automate Anything in Your Firm

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A Framework to Automate Anything in Your Firm

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Accountants today are dealing with everything from staffing shortages to information chaos. To keep your firm profitable and surpass the competition, you need to be technologically savvy and able to break through the noise of scores of software products vying for your attention.

In this webinar, Jason Staats will explain how to do just that – without all the techie lingo. Based on his popular YouTube channel, he’ll offer a workshop that will help you find the best automated solutions to your workflow issues and be able to utilize this knowledge and leverage yourself as an expert in a way that will add more value for your clients. He’ll cover everything from application programming interfaces (APIs) to web scrapers so you walk away armed with the tools you need to run your firm more smoothly and efficiently.

Jason runs an accounting and tax firm and also Realize, an online community for accounting firm owners, so he understands your pain points. This accessible yet detailed session offers advanced tips that take you beyond the basics and will help you reach the next level.

During this session we will discuss:

  • What technology is available for different types of workflow headaches?
  • When you encounter workflow problems, what type of technology provides the most simple, robust solution?
  • Who is the right person in your firm to implement these solutions?
  • How to assess technological solutions to workflow problems
  • The basic skills that enable you to work effectively with APIs, API connectors, web scrapers and robotic process automation
  • How to develop automation expertise and utilize it in a team environment, whether you’re training staff or assisting clients


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