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Why Sales Tax Automation Saves Your Firm Time and Money

Oct 23rd 2017

As an accounting firm, is offering sales tax automation solutions to your clients on your priority to-do list?  Two experts in the area of sales tax automation offer their perspectives on why it should be.

Judy Vorndran is the lead state and local tax partner at TaxOps, a Colorado-based business tax specialty and advisory firm delivering customized tax solutions.

Judy V

She has been specializing in sales and use tax compliance and consulting for over 20 years and says sales tax automation is one of the most effective risk-reducers for accounting and bookkeeping firms that advise companies, especially those operating in operating in multiple jurisdictions.

In general, businesses that have automated “haven’t had large assessments, data is easy to pull, and the auditor is in and out in a very short period of time,” she says in this video clip on automation, produced in partnership with  Avalara. The story can be quite different for those clients relying on manual processes for sales tax compliance. 

Joni Johnson-Powe, CEO and founder at Taxnologi Solutions says:

Joni J

The higher-quality processing that clients get from sales tax automation delivers some profitable and powerful results, including:

  • Reducing audit risk with automated tax rates and taxability decisions  
  • Increasing accuracy and efficiency with transaction processing 
  • Improving your ability to effectively scale as you expand geographically, add products or services, and acquire customers 
  • Allowing you to reallocate resources to value-add tasks such as refunds and beneficial tax positions 
  • Making audit defense easier with accessible data and customized reporting capabilities  
Learn more about how automating helps you and your firm assist your clients with voluntary disclosure and audit defense. Click here

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Accountant, CPA
By borntoreconcile
Oct 30th 2017 19:38 EDT

I am making this part of my retirement income. I am working on reporting that can be represented on the financial statements while reconciling with the state tax returns. Amazon reports are challenging, and so many businesses use it for their sales. So I am interested in what other accountants know. Thanks!

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