What Oklahoma's Sales Tax Nexus End Run Means

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When states need to raise money, one of their favorite ways to do so is to tax out-of-state sellers; this is exactly the position that Oklahoma Governor Fallin and the state legislature found themselves in.

The state’s teachers, who were ranked 49th in the county for lowest pay, went on strike for better pay and more spending on education overall. The problem was there was no money in the budget, but the politicians passed a $457 million revenue bill that included an “Internet” tax that allowed the teacher’s to get a very well deserved average pay raise of 16 percent, moving them to 29th in the nation from 49th.

The hype surrounding the tax shows Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other marketplace facilitators are the intended targets. Since they would take the brunt of having to collect the tax.

What is the Impact?

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Apr 23rd 2018 16:59

Thanks for another heads up

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Apr 23rd 2018 17:34

What a nightmare for accounting service owners and firms. I do the weekly/monthly accounting for firms both in AZ where I reside and numerous other states, some online retailers both Amazon and eBay.

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Apr 23rd 2018 18:55

I tried to read and understand the State of WA regulations, and at first read they are circular and contradictory. If only they could pass these laws in plain English, with clear compliance instructions!

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