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Editor’s Corner: Why Sales Tax Awareness Matters

Oct 3rd 2017
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As a CPA or tax professional, you are well aware of how complicated the U.S. tax code is and with 15,000 state and local sales tax jurisdictions and counting, it’s not getting any easier for your small business clients either.

So, with the myriad of what retail clients may have to account for these days, combined with the growing number of clients that are conducting some aspect of their business in other countries (buying, selling or both), we thought it was high time we increased our focus on our Sales Tax channel.

As such, we have formed a partnership with sales and use tax and compliance service provider Avalara in order to bring you the most useful and insightful content not only around sales tax issues, but for the betterment of your own practice as you continue to grow.

We began our work together back in September and look forward to continuing to bring you valuable content from industry experts as well as other tax and accounting professionals. As ever, we are a community for you and your feedback and participation in the conversations we start here are always welcome and appreciated.