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Accounting Top 100 Social Media Leaderboard

Jun 8th 2022
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Members of the Accounting Top 100 are people first, accountants and tax professionals second -- and as such, they all have some very fascinating journeys into the industry. This week, we asked our participants what or who inspired them to pursue an accounting career — check out the Social Reactions section for some amazing responses!

Here are some highlights from the latest Top 100…

This week we’re calling out Melanie Schroeder, CPA, CGA, RPC. Melanie is the Founder and CEO of Out Of The Box Chartered Professional Accounting Incorporated based in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

As a sole practitioner in her own firm, Melanie brings her characteristic can-do attitude to all the boring, complicated, or just-plain-stressful stuff her clients would rather not deal with. Her experience includes over 15 years in public practice, where she specializes in tax, business planning, business systems, business coaching and controllership. Melanie holds the #65 spot on this leaderboard making her the top mover by advancing 129 spots up from #194 on last release.

Another top mover this week is Dustin Wheeler, CPA: Accounting Technology Optimizer, Implementer & Advisor at Eide Bailly a CPA firm based out of Fargo, North Dakota, with locations around the US. Dustin says he’s constantly on the lookout for a better way of doing things! This release he moved from #220 previously to land within the top 100 at #98.

Noteworthy Newcomers: Matt Metras  cryptotaxpro.eth new at #53.

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How the leaderboard works: The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard uses an algorithm that scores and ranks users based on five separate metrics, each of which is weighted according to its perceived value. These five metrics are calculated every two weeks and combined to form a Power Score: a 1-100 value based on Rise.Global’s Relative Scoring Method. This Power Score determines a user’s rank on each new leaderboard release.

Want to see yourself rank even higher?

Remember, a new leaderboard with updated rankings is generated every two weeks, so keep up the great work on social media and watch your ranking climb!

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the Top 100? Join for free today!

Avalara’s Accounting Top 100 leaderboard (the “Leaderboard”) is assembled using a list of accounting professional users that’s curated by manual entry as well as by Rise.Global's internal Twitter search functionality. We reserve the right to change scoring metrics used for ranking and to exclude anyone from the list, in our sole discretion. The Leaderboard is not an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any of the accounting professionals on the Leaderboard, and we do not make any representation or guarantee of their ability or reliability. Assessments by different methods or based on different information may yield different results. The Leaderboard is only a starting point to gather information about accounting professionals, and you should not rely on it to decide whether to hire an accounting professional.

For feedback and/or questions please contact [email protected].

Replies (6)

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By OmahaCPA
Apr 5th 2018 02:32 EDT

I was actually on the list before? Figured I was one of the newcomers. Glad to make it though!

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Replying to OmahaCPA:
Alan Holley headshot
By AlanHolley
Apr 5th 2018 12:30 EDT

The leaderboard was "soft launched" over a month ago, so you were likely included in the initial user list while everything got up and running. Newcomers are those in the Top 100 who signed up in-between leaderboard releases. Glad you made it as well!

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By JanetWaston
May 17th 2018 02:20 EDT

I think this is a real great blog article. Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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Geni Whitehouse
By Geni Whitehouse
Jun 26th 2018 19:21 EDT

Thank you Avalara and AccountingWeb for the very kind words! Scaling New Heights was a blast. So happy to see a new face in that number 1 slot! Go Tom Hood!

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Replying to evenanerd:
Seth F
By Seth Fineberg
Jun 28th 2018 08:48 EDT

They did the algorithm, we publish the results. In the end, it's all math!(figured you'd like that). Keep being you!

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Keith Gormezano
By Keith Gormezano
May 15th 2020 21:34 EDT

Well, I have gone from 343 to 240 as of April 29th on the #accountingtop100 list. Maybe one day I will see @drquickbooks of "always sunny" and shut down Seattle next to 99 other accountants (many of whom I know and follow) after I share a few more gifs which are supposed to help increase your rank.

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