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To be considered an influencer in today’s social media landscape requires equal parts determination, platform savviness, and subject expertise. The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard is just one way of highlighting accounting professionals who exemplify these qualities, and then some.

Congratulations to everyone who made the leaderboard! Here are some highlights from the newest Top 100…

Alison Ball (#7), an influencer strategist beloved by the ProAdvisor community, advances 11 ranks to assert herself in the Top 10. Congrats, Alison!

The Aussies are coming! Australian accounting pros Kylie Parker (#23), Lielette Calleja (#25), and Sam Rotberg (#45) are making themselves known representing the Land Down Under.

Noteworthy Newcomers

Social Reactions

Brian Streig (#27) is thrilled to be in good company.

KPMG Canada professional Dawn Lagesten (#69) knows it takes a good dose of coolness to make this list.

Michigan ProAdvisor and author Christine Galli (#63) wants you to know how easy it is to join in and be in the running for the Top 100.

Megan Tarnow (#34) is starstruck.

ProAdvisor and “Part-Time CFO” Brad Celmainis (#17) may have discovered the secret to moving up the ranks of the Accounting Top 100…

Want to see yourself rank even higher?

Remember, a new leaderboard with updated rankings is generated every two weeks, so keep up the great work on social media and watch your ranking climb!

Think you’ve got what it takes to make the Top 100? Join for free today!



From March 20th

The Accounting Top 100 social media leaderboard ranks accounting professionals based on their overall presence, influence, and engagement on social media platforms. Each user’s rank is determined by that user’s Klout Score in addition to a list of custom metrics, and all updated rankings are displayed in new leaderboards generated every two weeks.

Did you make the list?

Congratulations! You can now track your progress on the leaderboard by clicking “Follow us” at the top of the list. Want to get the word out about your new celebrity status? Share this page with all of your friends and followers using the hashtag #AccountingTop100 so they can view and join in on this fun social activity.

Avalara’s Accounting Top 100 leaderboard (the “Leaderboard”) is assembled using a list of accounting professional users that’s curated by manual entry as well as by Rise.Global's internal Twitter search functionality. We reserve the right to change scoring metrics used for ranking and to exclude anyone from the list, in our sole discretion. The Leaderboard is not an endorsement, recommendation or sponsorship of any of the accounting professionals on the Leaderboard, and we do not make any representation or guarantee of their ability or reliability. Assessments by different methods or based on different information may yield different results. The Leaderboard is only a starting point to gather information about accounting professionals, and you should not rely on it to decide whether to hire an accounting professional.

For feedback and/or questions please contact [email protected].



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Alan is a social media specialist at Avalara working with partners and influencers in the accounting industry. As part of Avalara’s ongoing mission to build thriving relationships with accounting and bookkeeping firms, Alan is committed to adding value to online communities through the sharing of digital resources and engagement on social media platforms.


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Apr 5th 2018 07:32

I was actually on the list before? Figured I was one of the newcomers. Glad to make it though!

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to OmahaCPA
Apr 5th 2018 17:30

The leaderboard was "soft launched" over a month ago, so you were likely included in the initial user list while everything got up and running. Newcomers are those in the Top 100 who signed up in-between leaderboard releases. Glad you made it as well!

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May 17th 2018 07:20

I think this is a real great blog article. Thanks Again. Much obliged.

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