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3 Steps For Promoting Your Accounting Firm’s Services

Jul 12th 2016
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In today’s globally connected world, the options for promoting your accounting firm’s services are endless and, because of that, a little daunting. Because promotional campaigns typically involve both a financial and time investment, it’s best to be as intentional as possible from start to finish. This can be done by utilizing proper planning, implementation, and follow-up throughout the process.

By viewing your promotional services as a three-stage process, you’ll be in the best position to maximize effectiveness while minimizing costs.

This post will walk through the three steps for promoting your firm’s services. More content like this can be found at Taxify’s blog.

Before you jump into a campaign, it’s a good idea to determine where you currently stand. This can be done by mapping out every service your firm currently offers. The result is a top-level review of the value your firm provides, which can help determine the best strategy for marketing your practice. In fact, some firms find it helpful to do this every year as a way to assess potential business growth opportunities.

Next, develop a proper client database to coordinate and monitor communications between your firm and its clients. This can be done using customer relationship management (CRM) software that is designed to help interact with your firm’s clients, as well as a plethora of other ancillary things, like managing client contact data, providing sales support via data analytics, tracking and recording communications, and even managing projects that could be essential when tax deadlines are involved.

To successful use CRM, you’ll want to collect contact information to keep in touch with these potential clients. This tool will enable you to market directly to contacts in a way that feels personalized and different than the usual solicitation. Some popular examples of CRM software include Salesforce, Base, Highrise, and Nimble.

One of the most essential tools for promoting your firm’s services is networking. Networking can be tricky, and it can sometimes feel fruitless. But even if the person you connect with doesn’t end up being a client, he or she can always pass on your information to someone else who might need an accountant. Word of mouth is still one of the highest-ranking tools an accounting firm has in receiving new clients.

Something closely aligned with networking is having a social media presence. To name a few, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all valuable sites to consider when looking to reach new potential clients.

A website for your firm is a necessity these days. This will likely be the first stop for a potential client after performing an Internet search. The firm’s site should be modest and explicitly state the services offered. This is to keep your potential clients from having to dig through the site in order to understand how you can help their business. Also, a contact form should be in place on every page so potential clients don’t have to search for ways to contact you.

A fast and relatively inexpensive way to build a website is by utilizing a website builder, such as Squarespace or These website builders offer complete customization for your website in an easy-to-follow process, and if you aren’t the creative type or simply just don’t want to spend valuable time, they also offer premade templates that you can employ for your own site.

Additionally, the implementation stage is where your CRM software really shows its potential. Whether it be Salesforce, Base, or any of the dozens of other CRM software that are currently available, these platforms will allow you to engage your clients in ways that go above and beyond the typical solicitation.

For those of you gifted in the written or spoken word, consider leveraging your strengths. If you excel at public speaking, presentations at conventions and professional groups is a helpful way to reach new clients, get your name out in the professional community, and network with peers.

If you can write well, technical and other accounting-focused articles can be a tremendous opportunity to promote your firm’s services. These articles can be included in your communication via your CRM software, as well as added to your website, which has the added benefit of boosting search results.

Also, consider inquiring to accounting hubs, such as AccountingWEB, about featuring your articles on their site. Many CPAs and other accounting professionals view these sites daily and the exposure is a great way to receive referrals from peers who may not offer the same services as you.

Personalized follow-ups to people you meet at conventions, classes, and professional meetings can go a long way in showing you can be a valuable tool for their business. Mention that it was a pleasure meeting them, remind them about your discussion, and reaffirm your firm’s availability to help their business.

Putting it All Together
When it comes to promoting your firm’s services, proper planning, implementation, and follow-up are the three pillars needed to ensure you have success in whichever strategy you inevitably decide upon.

If you’ve had success in marketing your firm’s services or have a recommendation for a particular CRM software and would like to share it, please leave a comment below.

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