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10 Tips to Help Clients Increase Sales on Cyber Holidays

Sep 14th 2018
Writer, Blogger, Editor Avalara
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There’s no doubt you have clients who sell products online, so why not show your expertise as a trusted advisor and help them prepare.

Whether it’s Cyber Monday, Black Friday or any other cyber holiday, here’s 10 tips to help them capture more sales during these special events.

1. Boost your voice

Email loyal customers to promote cyber deals. This will put your clients front and center so they don’t get lost among the competition. If they include product images in their emails, hyperlink back to the Amazon product page for easy conversions.

2. Enhance product photos

Give the most popular product pages a facelift, ensuring photos are high-res and clear. In addition, be sure the logo is visible on each product page. Here are some additional tips for DIY product images.

3. Get social

If your clients are active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, they should start posting a few times a week. Remember to use hashtags so buyers can search and highlight the promoted products. Also, have them maximize their outreach by cross-promoting all sales channels.

4. Offer special deals

Make it worth their customers’ while! Consider providing free shipping in addition to other deals. Offering a 2-for-1 deal on self-fulfilled products can boost Average Order Value metrics. Find out more about the metrics they should be tracking.

5. Think big

Just like you batch your own accounting jobs, life can be made much easier by having clients batch labels, batch printing and batch shipping during cyber holidays. The last thing they want is to get stuck processing and printing labels on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

6. Stock up

Now is not the time for low inventory or just-in-time orders. Even if your clients don’t cut prices or have big deals, any cyber holiday should bring more traffic to their ecommerce store. Make sure top-selling products are well-stocked and if this isn’t their first cyber holiday, have them review historical sales data to help anticipate demand. You too can help them review their numbers.

7. Alert the accounting team

Extra sales can complicate tax compliance. Be sure their point-of-sale system is set up with the most up-to-date sales tax rates and product taxability rules. Verify how tax applies to 2-for-1 deals, coupons and returns, as well as shipping, handling and gift-wrapping services.

8. Treat yourself

During cyber holidays, encourage your clients to keep an eye out for deals their own business could use. In addition, help them know which purchases may qualify for a sales tax exemption or self-employed tax deduction. 

9. Use cyber holidays to restock inventory

Take advantage of cyber holiday deals to restock inventory sold across multiple channels. Here’s a tip: Summer heat can cool down retail sales. Consider offering cyber holiday deals on purchased inventory during slow times. Here are other tips to beat the summer slump.

10. Know where FBA inventory is stored

As an Amazon seller participating in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program, your clients should know when their inventory is moved and where they have a responsibility to collect sales tax. They can find out where inventory is stored with this FBA inventory report tool.

With forethought and preparation, as well as timely guidance from a trusted advisor, cyber holidays can boost any online business.

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By danadams
Sep 19th 2018 17:59 EDT

These are some great suggestions and I think its great that you are thinking outside the box on this one. Many accountants I know tend to assume that they should only be managing the numbers and while this is mostly true, it's also good to be proactive and help your clients/company increase their sales revenues by suggesting ways they can leverage these opportune moments.

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