charitable deductions

Is There a Right Time to Donate for Tax Purposes?


In a new series, tax guru Julian Block answers questions from best-selling authors on topics ranging from charitable donations to how the IRS defines taxable income. Read on to learn whether there's a "best time" to make a donation so you can save the most money on your taxes. 

May 26th 2021
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Question. Julian, hello from “Patrick.” That’s not really my Christian name, and I’d as soon skip my last name.

How come? Because, like lots of other accomplished authors, I’m bombarded with snarky emails from people who want to spell out why they resent writers.

Julian, what follows are disclosures that I hope won’t elicit unpleasant emails from resentful persons who envy writers and who ought to significantly increase their intakes of prune juice.

Along with lots of other authors, I live in Sellwood, a neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. Sellwood is where I wrote some best-sellers. They all go deep into the weeds on the major land, sea and air battles of the Second World War and notable events in the early years of the Cold War.

Julian, if I could replace this email with Zoom, you’d see no change in my nose size when I channel my inner Garrison Keillor* and, to lift one of his lines, tell you more than you ever wanted to know about my voluminous personal papers.

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