IRS Conducting Raids on Alleged Tax Evasion Experts

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One might think the IRS has more than enough to keep itself busy this time of year, what with it being tax season and all, but the Service found time last week to go on a raid rampage, performing more than three dozen searches and arresting four suspected tax evasion specialists.

Among those targeted in the raids were:

  • The Institute for Global Prosperity, an Internet company that promotes what the IRS claims are fraudulent tax and investment schemes.
  • Author Jerome Schneider, advocate of moving money offshore for purposes of reducing or eliminating taxes.
  • Anderson's Ark, a company that sells what the government calls sham trusts for tax evaders.

IRS Commissioner Charles O. Rossetti said, "Last week's historic enforcement activities send an unmistakable signal about IRS commitment to pursue investigations of promoters and their clients who would try to move money offshore to evade taxes."

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