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Technology Today Program will highlight Global Tax Network's Online Tax Organizer technology and its growing impact on the accounting industry

Global Tax Network (gtn), a Colorado based online tax service will be a featured guest on Technology Today, an independently produced national television series that airs via the Discovery Channel, The Technology Today program investigates the evolving technological topics and trends that most affect the business world. The series has featured high tech leaders such as Motorola, Intel, Panasonic, Dell and Microsoft. The series will feature Global Tax Network as a high profile e-business company within the accounting industry.

Global Tax Network provides an easy to use, convenient online tax organizer that tax firms can provide for their individual tax clients. GTN also provides marketing for tax professionals to enhance their tax practices. The online organizer supplements existing professional tax software programs and enables tax preparers to download client information directly into their tax preparation software. The data can be imported into Prosystem fx, GoSystem, and Lacerte. Other tax software users can benefit from the ability to print data reports, at any time, for easy review.

Firms of all sizes can easily use GTN's online tax organizer by becoming a member firm of GTN. Their clients will be able to use an online organizer that is partially customized for the firm (see Fully customized sites are also available for large firms that want their own online tax organizer that looks and feels like, and is fully integrated with, the firm's own web site. GTN's online tax solution provides security similar to online brokerage sites, allowing firms to work with clients over one common secure interface.

GTN's client interview approach tailors the organizer to the needs of each individual taxpayer so the firm can focus on client management rather than data collection. Individuals with simple situations will only view and complete pages that apply to them. More complex returns are handled easily as well, including expatriates, self-employed individuals, and Schedule E filers.

“Now any firm can be an online tax specialist without having to make a large investment,” says Cheri Gerson, Director of Sales and Marketing for GTN. “The benefit for the firm is that it helps them promote their services and costs them less in time and dollars to process tax returns using online tax organizers versus traditional paper organizers”.

“Clients appreciate the flexibility of the online tax organizer and find it less confusing than paper organizers,” notes Tim Lenneman, President of GTN. “Online Tax Organizers are on their way to becoming the most accepted method of submitting individual tax information to tax firms”.

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