Clinton's Tax Status is Cause for Confusion

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Bill ClintonFormer President Bill Clinton, currently in the United Kingdom on business, has given the taxing authorities there a bit of a problem over his tax status, reports our sister site,

The Inland Revenue's foreign entertainers unit is understood to have taken a month to decide whether the ex-President should be classified as an entertainer or a politician.

Famous for his affair with Monica Lewinsky, which provided millions of people across the world with hours of entertainment, former President Clinton tied the Inland Revenue up in knots when it was informed that he was booked to appear at the Yorkshire International Business Convention at Harrogate.

The convention organizers wanted to know if they should tax former President Clinton's 100,000 pound fee at source at the rate of 22 percent - the rate applicable for foreign entertainers. If, instead, former President Clinton is classified as a politician, there is no up front tax on the fee.

After keeping the organizers on tenterhooks over how much they should pay the man, the Inland Revenue finally made up its mind.

The former President was pleased to hear that despite his talent at playing the saxophone and regular appearances with Hollywood stars, he was nonetheless still classed as a politician.

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