America Begins to Heal

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America Begins to Heal

A Message from American Airlines CEO

A Message from United Airlines CEO

Eyewitness Accounts from AccountingWEB member, David Miller

Thoughts from Manhattan - Tuesday Evening

Thoughts from Manhattan Part 2- The Days After

Thoughts from Manhattan Part 3- Such an Ache in My Heart

Thoughts from Manhattan - Part 4: Taking a Flight Out West

AccountingWEB Articles Relating to the Terrorist Attacks

9/5/02 New York City's CFO Estimtes the Financial Impact of 9/11

8/28/02 September 11 Victims, Spouses Receive Tax Break

7/10/11 New Rules Will Require Investors to Pass Identity Check

4/18/02 Deloitte Returns to NY Financial Center After Terrorist Attacks

3/29/02 IRS Softens Requirement for Contribution Documentation

2/27/02 IRS Issues New Publication with Info for Terrorist Victims

1/25/02 President Bush Signs Victims of Terrorism Bill

11/12/01 Social Security Administration Debates Privacy Issue

11/7/01 MA CPAs and Financial Pros Offer Aid to 9/11 Families

11/5/01 IRS Offers Additional Relief After Terrorist Attacks

11/2/01 Accountant Joins List of September 11 Heroes

11/1/01 Free Assistance for Sept 11 Victims and Families

10/31/01 New Rebate Checks May Delay Spring Tax Refunds

10/30/01 IRS OKs Redesignation of Estimated Payments

10/30/01 Tax Professionals Offer Assistance to Attack Victims

10/26/01 When Reservists are Called to Duty – What Your Company Should Know

10/26/01 Employees: Trade Days Off For Cash Donations

10/25/01 Woman's CPA Society Takes Stand Against FASB Ruling

10/25/01 House Passes $100B Economic Stimulus Bill

10/23/01 New War Bonds Provide Patriotic Investment Option

10/19/01 Depreciation Rules Change Due to Terrorist Attacks

10/11/01 IRS Closes Office After White Powder Scare

10/9/01 AICPA Statement on FASB Decision

10/4/01 Survey Finds Workplaces Will Change After Sept. 11

10/4/01 New York CPAs Contribute Time to Disaster Victims

10/4/01 House Bill Would Allow Disclosure of Taxpayer Information

10/3/01 FASB Minutes Give Insight into Controversial Decision

10/1/01 FASB Finds Terrorist Costs Not Extraordinary

10/1/01 Disaster Victims Entitled to Rapid Tax Refund

9/27/01 AICPA Calls for Volunteers

9/26/01 SBA Offers Assistance for Terrorism Victims

9/26/01 CPA Organizations Offer Assistance for Terrorism Victims

9/25/01 IRS Offers New Disaster Relief Program

9/25/01 Free Resume, Career Counseling in Tragedy Aftermath

9/25/01 Social Security Claims Get Expedited Treatment

9/24/01 GAAP Rules Will Change as Result of Terrorist Attacks

9/24/01 New Charities To Get Speedy Treatment From IRS

9/24/01 IRS Provides E-Mail Address to Attack Victims

9/21/01 Deloitte Approached by CIA

9/20/01 School Loan Payments Put on Hold

9/18/01 Missed Deadline? IRS Issues Reprieve

9/18/01 Department of Labor Extends Due Date for 5500s

9/17/01 SEC Eases Auditor Independence Rules

9/17/01 AICPA Responds to National Crisis

9/17/01 New York CPAs Offer Help to Disaster Victims

9/14/01 Breaking News: IRS Issues Additional Relief Measures

9/14/01 Deloitte Statement Regarding Loss of New York Offices

9/14/01 Emergency Tax Relief Bill Passed By House

9/14/01 Attack on America - Picking up the Pieces

9/13/01 IRS Waives Penalties Following National Crisis

9/13/01 Deloitte New York Offices Destroyed

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