2001 Tax Hints Available On-Line

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For many years, several of the IRS Service Centers produced guides for tax professionals in their area. This year, 2001 Tax Hints: Practitioner's Guide To The Filing Season has been expanded into a National Filing Season reference guide for the tax professional community.

A joint effort of National Public Liaison and the other centers, the 2001 Tax Hints offers tips for conducting business with the IRS and is available on the Tax Pro Corner of the IRS' Digital Daily web site. Practitioners can find out what's new for 2001, contact numbers for various services, information on where to file, a summary of the new modernized IRS and much more. This document is an invaluable tool and easy reference guide for tax professionals.

To download a PDF copy of the 2001 Tax Hints, log onto the Tax Pro's Corner at: www.irs.gov.

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