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What Should Clients Do About Medical Deductions for COVID-19 Expenses


What if your clients have medical or related expenses due to the corona virus? Tax expert Julian Block gives practical and personal advice.

Mar 16th 2020
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Your clients likely have a myriad of tax deduction-related questions under the best of circumstances. But given the outbreak of COVID-19, some(hopefully not many) will have concerns over related medical and other expenses connected to this virus.

Our resident tax guru Julian Block offers this personal account of how he advised clients of his who had just such concerns. If you do have clients in this situatiuon, or if they want answers just in case, hopefully Julian's advice on dealing with these expenses for tax purposes will be of some comfort.

My clients include an affluent, elderly couple for the purposes of anonymity I'll call Walter and Phyllis Neff. Both have serious respiratory problems that make them susceptible to the corona virus. They could incur sizable medical expenses to avoid or alleviate the outbreak.

At a minimum, Walter and Phyllis will need to shell out for cleaning supplies, gloves, goggles, masks, and other kinds of protective equipment.  If you add in travel costs to obtain these items if there are empty shelves in near-by store, all of these outlays, will pass muster as deductible medical expenses.

Phyllis then pivots to a potentially more costly concern: They could die should they be hospitalized in a place that's likely already to be operating at peak efficiency and prioritizing treatment for the young and those with the best chance for survival. As they're unyielding in their unwillingness to risk the consequences of long waits for care, they're willing to pay for private-duty nurses. 

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