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What Expats Need to Know About the New Tax Law

Feb 21st 2018
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Whether U.S. expatriates are living overseas for personal or professional reasons, the IRS requires these American citizens to file and pay taxes. With the biggest overhaul in 30 years to the tax code, the process and obligations for expats has undergone several important changes.

Unfortunately, the issues that have caused decades of frustration for US Expats have mostly remained the same. Below are the modifications and new enactments.

New Tax Brackets

The tax brackets are now larger, though tax rates have decreased slightly. Together, these changes mean that depending on the specific situation, Americans living overseas might fit into lower tax brackets than in years past and could potentially face lower taxes than in recent years.

New Corporate Tax Structure

One of the biggest changes is the new corporate tax structure. The U.S. is moving away from a worldwide system of taxation to a territorial tax system for corporations.

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