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Editor's Corner: Happy 400th, Julian Block


Our long-time contributor and tax guru Julian Block has officially written 400 informative, thought-provoking articles on tax codes, legislation and all relevant tax-related matters.

May 3rd 2021
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It's rare that we get to call out the achievements of our own writers or any individual in the world of tax and accounting, for that matter. But to every rule there are exceptions, and our long-time columnist Julian Block is one of them.

Avid readers of AccountingWEB know that our primary objective is ensuring that our audience receives practical and useful advice and direction, along with staying informed on the latest trends and issues facing tax and accounting professionals. They will also recognize Julian Block as a foremost authority on many tax-related issues.

Julian Block
Julian Block

We at AccountingWEB have been fortunate to have Julian as a regular cotnributor to our content, and, for 400 articles, he has provided necessary direction and insight into common and complicated tax matters. He is officially billed as "an attorney and author" and even singled out by the New York Times as "a leading tax professional" and an "accomplished writer on tax."

For us, Julian is a rare breed of talent as a writer and a true resource on tax and accounting-related matters. More than that, he is an individual who is passionate about sharing his vast knowledge of technical and even obscure, but meaningful, tax matters with today's tax professionals.

So, for his dedication, his curiosity, his commitment and all-around affability, we say: Thank You! Thank you, Julian for everything  you are and do, and here's to 400 more!

For those who are curious and interested, please feel free to peruse Julian's 400 articles here.

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By Julian Block
May 10th 2021 14:03 EDT

I appreciate your kind words and hope you'll submit responses to future columns.

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