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AccountingWEB Readers Find Time Management a Challenge

Feb 7th 2012
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By AccountingWEB Staff

Few readers think time management is their strong suit, with the vast majority of respondents to a recent survey – 87.3 percent – saying they're either "OK, not great" at it or "could use some improvement."

It's no wonder. With tax season in full force, most accountants feel the tensions of too much work and too little time. Only 5.6 percent of survey respondents say they're "the bomb" when it comes to time management, and 7 percent say "I need help."

When those folks were asked what software they use, ProSystem fx Practice Management by CCH and Thomson Reuter's Practice CS were the most popular. Others said they used time sheets in QuickBooks online, Excel, Deltek Vision, National Advisor Network (NAN) Practice Manager, PeopleSoft by Oracle, CPA/MIS, and Star Business Solutions.

For Jackson Hewitt, early February is very busy. The tax preparation company targets working taxpayers who want their refunds quickly. "We call these next two weeks our peak weeks", said Mary Woodford, the franchise owner of twelve Jackson Hewitt locations in Volusia and Flagler counties in Florida. She told the Daytona Beach News-Journal that taxpayers come in with their W-2 forms still in their envelopes, as if they checked the mailbox and drove immediately to an office.

Time management tips are easy to come by. Consider these by the founders of Buttoned Up, a company dedicated to helping stressed women get organized: delegate, break big jobs into smaller tasks, concentrate on one thing at a time, and so on. Keep in mind that nothing goes according to plan, so good time managers build time into the day to deal with the unexpected. Consistently",give yourself a break" is on the list of time management tips. Everyone needs time to recharge their batteries.

For some tax preparers, the best time management news this year is: The filing deadline is April 17 rather than the usual date of April 15.

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By Justin Jacques
Jun 25th 2015 20:11 EDT

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