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What Exactly Qualifies as Business Income?

Oct 10th 2018
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The AICPA has identified 11 areas of qualified business income that the organization believes warrant more guidance and that affect individuals, partnerships, S-corporations as well as trusts and estates doing domestic business.

The following specific areas are believed by the Institute to be the highest priority in which guidance is needed and included proposed answers:

  • Qualification of rental real estate as a trade or business
  • Modification of the rental property recharacterization rule (Prop. Reg. §1.199A-5(c)(2))
  • Clarification of the de minimis rule in the allocation between specified service trade or business (SSTB) and non-SSTB Activities
  • Clarification on the definition of qualified business income (QBI)
  • Treatment of the ordering rule for sections 465, 469, 704(d), and 1366(d)
  • Interaction of section 199A with section 461(l) for purposes of calculating QBI
  • Treatment of relevant passthrough entities (RPEs)
  • Clarification on the aggregation rules
  • Effect of sections 743(b) and 734(b) basis adjustments on unadjusted basis immediately after acquisition (UBIA) of qualified property
  • Effect of sections 351, 721, and 1031 on UBIA of qualified property and the depreciable period

The AICPA also included an appendix of other issues it believes affect QBI that warrant guidance.

The proposed rules on the qualified business income deduction were issued under REG-107892-18, IRS Notice 2018-64 on “Methods for Calculating W-2 Wages for Purposes of Section 199A,” and IRS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, Provision 11011 Section 199A – Deduction for Qualified Business Income.”

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By EdwardThirlwall
Oct 26th 2018 01:39 EDT

It seems that not every single business out there is aware of what really constitutes as business income. This list is quite surprising to me as well because of how in-depth the coverage really is. I guess we tend to take things for granted by having only the basic understanding of what should be inclusive and otherwise. The definition should have been more thorough instead of simply assuming just about anything makes up part of the deal.

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By markgrogan
Nov 9th 2018 01:33 EST

Even this short list is giving me a small headache. This makes me very happy that I've found a reliable and trustworthy accountant who can help me with all of my figures and number crunching when we roll around to the end of the year and tax season! I reckon that the amount of hassle he saves me when he takes my receipts and accounts and squares everything off for me nicely is worth its weight in gold! They are definitely value for the money that we pay for their services!

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