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SaaS Tax Prep Tool Aims at U.S. Market

Oct 29th 2015
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MyTAXPrepOffice, a new SaaS-based tool for U.S.-based tax preparers, is now out of beta and rolling out to the market.

The Wyoming-based company claims the tool has already successfully processed more than 600,000 state and federal tax returns, with the ability to run on multiple platforms, including iPad, Android tablets, Mac and Windows computers, as well as the ability to automate practice management in multiple offices. Tax forms released by the IRS are also updated regularly within MyTAXPrepOffice.

In addition, a hybrid storage mode is under development, which will store all needed software and returns -- besides the online storage -- securely on the computer or tablet. This way, all the benefits of the online solution are maintained and the tax preparer can continue to work offline.

MyTAXPrepOffice will offer this tax season a tailored website per tax preparer, where the clients of the tax preparer can see the status and documents online and can interact with the tax preparer to reduce the effort and cost of the tax preparer. Users also have the ability to offer bank products due to several banking partnerships.

In addition to improvements in the core workflows, a tax preparer may need access to additional software or services. These may include secure document storage, a tax library, electronic signature service, time accounting software, or an accounting package.

For pricing and additional information, feel free to connect with them at


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FarEye Field Workforce Management Platform
By FarEye
Oct 30th 2015 09:24 EDT

SaaS industry is growing and even lots of businesses are adopting SaaS based apps to cut down their maintenance cost which attracts Indian audience towards SaaS based apps. Companies like FarEye is emerging as SaaS based company in India.

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