Wednesday, August 10, 2022 - 14:00 EDT - 15:00 EDT

How to Save Your Tax Practice

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How to Save Your Tax Practice

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Over two years after the pandemic hit, many small tax practice owners are still reeling and wondering if they’ll stay around for another tax season. Many have lost staff, clients and sleep over where their practice is going, if anywhere at all. For those who choose to soldier on, they are looking to reinvent their practices, focus on specific areas and do what they can to get back to the work they enjoy doing. Catch up on this frank discussion we had with practitioners who are working on doing just that to save their practices.

By watching this session you will:

  • Learn real-world examples of how to stay focused on what matters
  • Focus on the right clients who will support you, as you do them
  • Discover tools and tactics to face 2023 and beyond
  • Know you’re not alone in this struggle

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