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Building a Profitable Cash Flow Forecasting Service

As firms across the US invest in cash flow forecasting technology, the accounting profession seems to be responding to an underserved demand among small business clients.
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Jul 12th 2019
In nine previous columns, I discussed my use of “tax tidbits” to enliven conversations when talking taxes with clients or speaking to...
Jul 11th 2019
Retail clients that sell through Amazon or other marketplaces may have already had an obligation to collect sales tax in states where their...
Jul 8th 2019
As you likely know, the gift tax is a deferred estate tax that is triggered whenever a gift of a certain size is made during a given tax...
Jul 9th 2019
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) combines powerful enhancements for the Section 179 “expensing” and “bonus” depreciation deductions. That’s...