Stephanie Leon

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Stephanie Leon
Stephanie Leon
Sales & Support Manager
Results Accountants' Systems

I'm another East Coast transplant, born and raised in northern New Jersey. After completing my MBA at Seton Hall University I packed my bags and moved to the West Coast. At this time I thought long and hard about what I really wanted to do with my professional life. I realized that as a consultant I could most effectively and comprehensively use my education and past professional experience to help businesses with organizational issues, strategic planning, marketing, and managing change. In light of this, I was delighted to join RAS in April, 1997.

I have supported 285 firms in North America, working to reposition the firms with their existing and prospective clients, coaching on the delivery of business development services, and creating an internal organization that is win-win for partners and team members. My clients' enthusiasm and commitment to the process has helped me to grow as a consultant and has broadened my business knowledge at a rapid rate. My greatest pleasure in dealing with our clients is how they continue to challenge me and allow me to be a part of their development.

Before becoming a member of RAS I participated in an MBA Re-engineering Team, designing the new program and coordinating the implementation of that MBA program. I also spent 2 years as a marketing consultant working with professional service firms in the law arena. One of the areas I focused on was host-beneficiary relationships and the development of associated marketing materials.

With stars still in my eyes for California, I spend my leisure time exploring the area and taking advantage of activities like skiing and hiking.

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