Solicitations at Work Could be Uncomfortable

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It happens all the time. Someone's son or daughter is selling fruitcakes, cookies or some other edible to raise money for a school project or organization program. Most of us feel obligated to buy something, but why can't we say 'no?'

While charity in the workplace is on the decline--as much as a 12 percent drop over the last 10 years--solicitations at work actually are on the rise. This does not bode well for some who prefer not to spend discretionary funds buying food that might buy band uniforms or send the choir on a road trip.

While we feel the need to buy an item from time to time, especially in reciprocal situations in which you also are selling for your children, philanthropy executives say there's nothing wrong with saying no.

If you do resist, provide some explanation, such as 'not at this time,' or 'I knew you'd understand.' Still, the best scenario of all is to establish a non-solicitation policy. That certainly will solve the problem.

How do you deal with solicitations at work? If you are helping your children sell, what seems to be the most effective/least offensive method for making the sale? Click the Comment option below to share your story.

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