Socially Responsible Jobs are the Soup <i>Du Jour</i> for Today's Grad

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It's no secret that today's graduate is opting for something less than traditional and more rewarding--and this includes the accounting marketplace. 'More rewarding,' in this sense, can be a career in the nonprofit sector. Although the pay may not be as high as in traditional public accounting jobs, the rewards surface in other ways, such as having the ability to have an impact on society.

A new article about students at UCLA confirms this interest in exploring new non-traditional carreer paths, but more than that, the UCLA environment is also encouraging students to find a way to make a difference, according to Connie Lew, recruiting coordinator for Deloitte & Touche in Los Angeles.

Lew claims, "The UCLA students have the ability to adapt to many things because of the environment they are in."

So do these students want to save the world? Possibly. Some students are traveling overseas to international relief jobs, while others simply seek the comfort of a feel-good nonprofit organization on U.S. turf.

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