Year-End Checklists for Accountants and Bookkeepers

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Nov 5th 2021

In the couple of months leading up to the calendar year-end, there are several tasks you and your team should be carrying out in order to make sure you’re ready when busy season kicks off.

The period from November through March can be incredibly stressful for bookkeeping firms. Busy Season is a sort of triple-whammy: getting your clients ready for tax season, dealing with the personal demands of the holiday season, and navigating staff shortages due to holidays and illnesses. The only way to get through this period with your sanity intact is to make sure you’re prepared ahead of time with rock-solid procedures and checklists that will ensure nothing gets missed.

You'll discover checklists to

  • Get ready to file 1099s
  • Get ready for new clients
  • Review engagements
  • And many more!
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