Working from Home When Kids are Homeschooling

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Oct 9th 2020

Chances are good that your kids will be school at home this fall while you’re trying to work. Here’s how to manage without going crazy.

It’s a fact of life in the pandemic: kids learning at home while parents also try to work at home. Whether it’s all day every day, a few days a week or even a few hours a day, some level of time conflict is inevitable. Family conflict doesn’t have to be. 

With some guidance from experts and a little preparation, CPAs and other professionals can balance working from home with homeschooling.

In this eBook, get tips on how to:

  • Create a work schedule for yourself and school schedule for your kids
  • Properly set up a learning environment for kids and a working environment for you
  • Get your CPA firm’s technology into shape so that handling home-based learning is easier

Whitepaper Excerpt

The race to finish the 2019-2020 school year was a sprint from March until May or June, a haphazard scramble that didn’t go particularly well in many households. This time, it’s going to be a marathon that could last until next summer—or even beyond. Professionals working at home need to find a school-work-life balance. With a few tips and best practices, they can.

This eBook is not intended to help parents decide whether or not to send their kids to school—a decision most parents have already made. It exists instead to help them manage the workday time they’ll undoubtedly be spending with their kids this school year as kids learn, at least in part, from home. Included here are aggregated tips from expert sources on education.

To the extent it’s possible, parents should schedule their least critical work tasks for times of day when kids are most likely to interrupt them—during breaks, between classes, at meal and snack time. those might even be good times for parents to take breaks of their own. When kids are actively engaged in class, that’s the time to hit the heavy work, or maybe schedule that critical conference call.

Download this eBook to get many more practical expert tips on staying sane while working and schooling at home.

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