Aug 1st 2022

What Does Automation Mean for Small Accounting Firms?

Small accounting firms can derive big benefits from automating process. Find out why now is the time to automate and how to do it.
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Automation isn’t just for factories and warehouses. Small accounting firms can embrace automation tools and strategies to improve client relationships, tighten up internal processes and retain valued employees.

Small accounting firms are lagging behind their mid-size counterparts in automating processes, but they don’t have to. Automation doesn’t need to be expensive or complex. It can be as simple as finding new ways to use tools your firm already has.  

In this eBook, discover:

  •     Why small accounting firms should automate now
  •     How to improve client service with simple automation tools
  •     How automation can help your firm solve persistent staffing problems   


There is an opportunity for small firms to move ahead of their competitors in deriving material benefits from automation, including improving competitive standing by boosting client service and making internal operations more efficient and cost-effective. Small firms also need to automate if they want to keep up with mid-size competitors—or become mid-size eventually themselves.


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