The 8 Most Important Tax Issues of 2020

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Explain tax filing changes to clients, and how their returns may be impacted, using this new guide

As a result of the desperate economic measures set into motion to save the economy during COVID shutdowns, tax filing for last year will be more complex than it has ever been before for most businesses.

This eBook from CPA and noted small-business expert Gene Marks lays out 8 tax issues for 2020 returns every business owner—and CPA—should be aware of this tax season.
In this eBook, discover:

  • How to work with your accountant (or your clients) to minimize tax liability and maximize refunds
  • What NOL Carrybacks, Employee Retention Tax Credits and FFCRA Tax Credits are and why they should matter to your business
  • How to deal with PPP tax implications and more


This eBook will cover issues that every accountant needs to know, but it’s not just the accountants.

If you’re a small business owner reading this, just remember that it’s your money, your business, and your signature on your tax returns, regardless of who prepared them. You have a responsibility to make sure your accountant is doing the best job possible.

So take a look at these issues, make sure you’re familiar and—most importantly—make sure your accountant is familiar. Even the best accountants don’t remember everything and not being on top of these issues can not only create headaches but unnecessarily cost your business money in a time where every dollar counts.

Ready? Let’s get to them!


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