Overcoming The Barriers To Going Paperless

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How to FINALLY take your office paperless

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You've been conscious for some time that there's just too much paper in your your firm.  You know there's a better way, but life gets in the way and making the final push just keeps getting moved farther down on your priority list.

We know - we feel your pain.  

What you need is a structure and a plan that walks you through the steps you can take to reduce and ultimately remove paper from your office with minimum disruption.

We're here to help.  This guide by Adam Blitz - a CPA who tackled the same problems himself - provides you with a framework that goes beyond simply advising you to scan and store everything 'in the cloud'.  

Inside you'll find out:

  • The new thinking that makes going paperless much easier.
  • How to plan and execute a paperless strategy with individual stakeholders taking responsibility
  • How to preserve your existing processes to minimize disruption

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