New Normal, New Challenges: 6 Growth Strategies for Small Business

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Mar 1st 2022

With the lessons of the past two years behind them, small businesses are poised to grow. Here’s how they can do it. 

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Small businesses and firms can advance quickly by using a few best practices that are always helpful for sparking growth—especially right now.

In this eBook, noted small-business expert Gene Marks shares six tips for businesses owners looking to grow their companies, with each tip adapted to the current economy. Download this eBook to learn how to: 

  • Time business investments based on the state of the economy
  • Retain your best employees with new incentives
  • Find the right technology to take your business into the future


Like any recession, this one cut the fat. Businesses that were teetering on extinction before the pandemic are now extinct. Others got help from the government. Many more figured out how to get their work done while all of their employees were out of the office. To all of these businesses still around, I tip my hat with admiration: You did it. You survived. And now you can prosper again.

And the reward is a strong recovery. New customers. Less competition. More deals. Greater opportunities. A chance to claw back all of that lost money from 2020 and put it to constructive future use. The revitalized economy will be a great thing for those small businesses that make the right decisions. This book will help you do just that.

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