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During the next three months, you’ll interact with more clients than any other time of year. Are you ready to give them the experience they want?

According to Gartner Research, 89% of businesses today expect to compete mostly on client experience, versus only 36% a few years ago. Clearly, mastering client experience is key to effectively competing for the best clients in today’s landscape.

But client experience is broad—it comprises the cumulative effect of every interaction between client and firm, end-to-end. So where do you begin?

Start with this free ebook from Rootworks: Client Experience for The Modern Firm®.

This free resource will give you guideposts to assess the processes, tools and client touchpoints in your firm that give shape to your client experience, from appointment scheduling to document and data sharing to invoicing and payment processing.


So what do today’s clients expect?

They expect a superior client experience—every time. They expect interactions to be personal and convenient and to have an authentic relationship with their accounting professional.

Gene Alvarez, Managing VP at Gartner stated:

“Customers will not tolerate companies that have amnesia when it comes to remembering them and their preferences for recognition. This makes it imperative for companies to recognize their customers and to serve them pertinent content that demonstrates the proper recognition and treatment.”

Here’s what we know: Client experience is everything today, and people are changing their buying habits based on it. So, how are you going to react?

Download your free ebook now, and put your firm on track to deliver a superior client experience and create more and better relationships.

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