Inflation, Hiring and More: Your Small-Business Playbook for 2022

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Jan 4th 2022

A small-business growth plan for 2022, tackling issues from retaining talent to managing inflation and developing succession plans

White Paper CoverAs we move into 2022, businesses and firms face a set of challenges both familiar and unfamiliar. Hiring and retaining talent, always a challenge, is much more difficult than it has been in the recent past. But rising prices have also begun to hit businesses hard, adding a layer of complexity for owners. 

This eBook, written by noted small-business expert Gene Marks, provides a playbook for 2022 for firms and small businesses. In it, Gene outlines the challenges owners will face in the year to come and how they can overcome them to keep their businesses growing. 

Download this eBook to discover strategies for overcoming the challenges of: 

  1. Finding and retaining talent in a super-tight market 
  2. Dealing with inflation and the rising cost of procuring supplies for your business 
  3. Developing a succession plan to pass your business to the next generation  


This eBook is about the plans that four business owners I know are making for 2022. And they're focusing on four main areas: navigating through inflation, battling for talent, doubling down on technology and planning for succession. This is the playbook for 2022 for most business owners in the U.S.  

In this book, I'm going to tell stories of business owners I personally know (although I'm changing their identities and – please allow me – will embellish just a little). I’m going to explain how they're preparing for the next year. Yes, some may be in different industries than yours, or the size and nature of their businesses may not be exactly the same. But the issues are the same ones you’re facing. We're all dealing with them.

White Paper Cover

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