How to Spot Accidental Accounting and Prevent It

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Jul 30th 2021

Saying yes to every request is impossible without knowing if you can follow through on the task.

You’re doing your monthly check-in with one of your best clients when they mention the struggle they’re having getting their bills paid on time. It’s not a cash flow issue; rather, it’s the shuffle of paperwork involved. Bills are misplaced, approvals are getting stuck with various people in the process, and checks are being mailed before the product or service has even arrived. They ask if you can help by taking over their AP process. They are, for any accounting firm, a dream client, so you agree.

Perhaps you’ve thought about offering AP services, but you haven’t gotten around to it. Offering any service to only one client is problematic.

What you'll learn

  • Why Is Accidental Accounting a Problem?
  • How Technology Will Benefit Your Firm
  • How to Create a New Revenue Stream Your Firm Hasn’t Yet Tapped Into
  • How to Recognize Accidental Accounting in Your Firm and What to Do When You See It
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