How to Review Your Client Data Security Plan

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Nov 10th 2020

How CPA firms can find the security help they desperately need.

Cybersecurity is probably a bigger threat to CPA firms than most firm owners realize. Accounting firms are the most targeted type of business among small companies, and a successful attack could wreck a firm financially and destroy its relationships with clients.  

Firms that try to manage security without help are putting themselves in danger.

This eBook lays out in detail why firms shouldn’t go it alone on security and what they can do to get help. Download this eBook to discover:

  • The business damage, in dollars and reputation, cyberattacks can do
  • Five reasons why firms that try to handle security without help will likely fail (with disastrous results)
  • What firms can do to enlist outside expertise and keep client data secure


How the cloud helps accounting firms meet 5 major security challenges.

Given their vulnerable position as keepers of critical client data, and given the ever-shifting and increasingly dangerous cybersecurity landscape, accounting firms face security challenges that are daunting, perhaps even scary. The trend toward working from home brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic has only increased the risk of data breaches. But firms don’t have to—and shouldn’t—deal with security on their own. A move as simple as running critical business applications in the cloud can enable firms to meet security challenges and protect client data with the help of a cloud provider.

Challenge #1: Depth of security expertise.

One major issue facing firms is that not all of them have IT staff to manage security. Those that do need IT professionals to handle just about any technology issue, from lost passwords to printers that blink error messages. There’s no getting around the need for that kind of expertise—it’s what users need and expect.

But what firms have in breadth of technical expertise, they usually lack in-depth. Managing security is a full-time job, with the variety and nature of attacks evolving constantly. There’s no way a firm, or any other business without specific expertise, could possibly stay up to date on how to prevent or recover from security threats.

How a cloud provider helps:

Providers offer both breadth and depth of security expertise, with professionals who do nothing but manage security for their clients.

Download our eBook, “Flirting with disaster: How CPA firms can find the security help they desperately need” to discover the other four challenges facing accounting firms today, and how the cloud helps mitigate the risks posed by them.

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