How to Master Smart Client Management

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Stop chasing new clients all the time. Stop relying on tax season so much for revenue. Start practicing Smart Client Management.

White Paper CoverToo many accounting firms survive by piling on more and more clients and processing greater numbers of tax returns every year. That’s a bad strategy for firms that want to grow. Your firm needs a new approach: Smart Client Management.  

When you practice Smart Client Management, you spread your revenue, and your volume of work, over the whole year rather than cramming everything into tax season. You learn to sell a variety of services to clients you already have and maximize revenue without overburdening employees or constantly chasing after new accounts.  

In this eBook, learn what Smart Client Management is and why it’s important that you, as a firm leader, understand how to practice it. Find out: 

  • Why firms that rely too much on tax season struggle to keep employees 
  • How to mine client data and sell new and different services to the clients you already have 
  • Why Smart Client Management helps your firm retain employees and grow revenue  


The decades-old model of relying heavily on tax season revenue is financially dangerous. It not only puts pressure on the firm to sustain and perpetually expand its tax base but places added pressure on staff to serve clients within a compressed timeframe. And all of this elevates the risk of losing team members—the fuel that makes the business engine run.  

Adhering to the traditional tax-season model, and all the issues that come with it, is still a frequent practice in small and medium-sized firms...and it shows. Whether it’s in the form of burned-out staff, batch resignations or a negative work culture, this model comes with its fair share of aftermath. With all of this in mind, the time has come to think differently about your business model—from start to finish. Smart Client Management is the new, modern way of approaching how you build your book of business. 

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