Feb 26th 2020

How Small Workflow Changes Can Instantly Boost Client Service Value

A guide to changing how you access your software & applications can lead to happier clients and inevitable growth.
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A guide to changing how you access your software & applications can lead to happier clients and inevitable growth

Continued success in the accounting profession is not getting any easier. Modern  firms, specializing in simple accounting-related tasks with quick turnarounds are beginning to take business away from the CPA who can “do it all.”

Accounting and tax software solutions are becoming so robust that some experts say they can actually replace the advisory services that consumers come to expect when reaching out to an accountant.

Up against this fresh competition, firms are finding themselves constantly adjusting in order to keep clients happy and make more money.  However, despite these rapidly changing conditions to the profession, some firms have still found a way to beat out the competition, differentiate their client service value, and ultimately grow.

We decided to reach out to these firms to find out how they did it. Their success came down to a few key themes, including:

  • They decreased their technology burden
  • They opened up their practice to serve any-sized business, in any location
  • They began focusing on just doing their job

How did they do it?

Download “1 & Done” to learn how firms ranging in size, demographic, and services were able to all grow their businesses by making a simple change (in under 24 hours) to the software and applications they use daily. Fill out the form on this page for an instant download.  You'll also receive a convenient link back to the document by email so you can download the file to your other devices.

Bonus: One firm owner has been able to consistently grow his business 20 percent year-on-year for the past 5 years because he now has more time to focus on advising his clients, rather than the back-office functions that took up most of his day.

His most important takeaway? “Now I have more time to do the things I love – like ride my motorcycle.”

Whitepaper Excerpt

Current Challenges

Today’s accounting and tax professionals spend significant time worrying about the applications, systems, and files required to do their job and service their clients.They need access to a growing number of new applications. They are sharing information between themselves and their clients while being bombarded with headlines about security issues and data breaches.

Many practitioners are bound to an office location or a slow performing remote access solution to get to the systems and data they need. These situations reduce office productivity, add to capacity constraints especially during tax season, stifle client collaboration and limit entry into more lucrative new advisory services.

Technology Leverage Points

In mid-2019 a leading global consulting company speaking to a variety of accounting and tax firms of varied size found the following attributes most desired by the firm and their clients:

Remote Access to Full Featured Desktop Accounting & Tax Software
“Many of our clients have multiple locations… and some are international, so they want anytime, anywhere, any device access to our full featured desktop software application.”
Principal, CPA Firm

Multi-User Access to Desktop Accounting & Tax Software
“We wanted the flexibility to have multiple users access the system at any time including having a CPA and a business professional reviewing the same file simultaneously.”
CFO, Software Company

Download the guide for further details about how firms were able to leverage technology and grow their businesses.

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