How Cloud-based Accounting Firms Navigated Office Shutdowns

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Find out how accounting and tax professionals dealt with the sudden change to their workflows.

The day after mandatory “stay-at-home” orders took place, tax and accounting professionals running their applications in the cloud simply continued their typical workflows, as if they were still in the office.

In fact, a recent SmartVault survey indicated that 63% of CPAs hosting their applications and software in the cloud were able to transition overnight quickly, and seamlessly.

In comparison, the top choice for feeling “unprepared” was—you guessed it: those not hosting their applications and software in the cloud.

In this eBook, we’ll present additional statistics on how accounting professionals handled the sudden operational switch back in March. We’ll also show how easy it is for firms to get running in the cloud—so whatever comes their way, they’re always prepared to ... prepare.

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