Jul 8th 2021

Have Accounting Firms Changed Forever? Here’s What Accountants Say

Remote work, flexible hours, hiring at a distance. Which changes have accounting firms made, and are they here to stay?
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Remote work, flexible hours, hiring at a distance. Which changes have accounting firms made, and are they here to stay?

Which changes did accounting firms make as a result of the pandemic—and which ones worked? The 2021 Post-Tax Season Survey reveals all.  

More than 250 firms weighed in on remote work, flexible hours, cybersecurity, staffing, CAAS and other pressing issues facing firms today. Find out how your colleagues handled pandemic-driven workplace adjustments and which changes are set to become permanent as life and work get back to normal. 

Also, discover how the most recent tax season went for firms like yours. How does your firm stack up against others in the industry? What are the workplace trends that will drive accounting into the future? Find out in this year’s survey.  

Excerpt: The phrase “new normal” got a real workout during the chaos of 2020, but not much about 2020 was actually normal. As the COVID pandemic subsides, 2021 is offering a clearer picture of post-pandemic life. For accounting firms, there are some critical differences between normal in 2019 and the real new normal of 2021, as the Right Networks 2021 Post-Tax Season survey reveals.  

The best way to learn what the new normal will look like is to understand how the old normal has changed. While the numbers here aren’t surprising, they to confirm a shift that looks permanent, even if some of the extreme trends of 2020-2021 recede a bit with time.

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