Free eBook: Mastering Online Presence in the Modern Firm

Jan 5th 2021

Meet your prospective clients where they are—online!

Continued success in the accounting profession is not getting any easier.

Even before a pandemic forced us to learn how to live virtually, online presence had become the face of business. Can your prospective clients find your firm in their new online neighborhood? Here’s how important it is:

  • 90 percent read business reviews before buying.
  • 68 percent are more likely to buy from businesses with positive reviews.
  • 78 percent trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.
  • 60 percent check Google My Business for reviews.

Master your online presence with this free eBook:
Learn how to boost your search engine rankings by optimizing your Google My Business listing and generating online reviews from your best clients! It’s all in this helpful and free eBook, Mastering Online Presence in the Modern Firm®. It includes information to help you manage and elevate your own firm’s online presence.

eBook Excerpt

Mastering your online presence

Boosting your firm’s online ranking is no small order. It takes time and focus to ensure your business moves to the top of the search page—and stays there. And as we know from current statistics, Google is the fastest-growing reviews platform with more than 75 percent of the search market share. This means Google is where you want to be.

In this guide, we provide direction on how to master your online presence via two proven techniques:

  1. Generating online client reviews
  2. Optimizing your Google My Business listing

Online reviews: Get them in; keep them coming

Online reviews are the first stop on the buyer journey for the majority of consumers. The more positive online reviews you generate, the better you can educate prospective clients on who you are, the quality of services you offer and your dedicated role as a trusted advisor. But where do you start?

Download the guide for more details about how to boost your online presence, automate your online review process and more.

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